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Collection: Hand Trucks

The Ultimate Heavy Duty Hand Truck Collection at Warehouse Supplies Delivered

Discover the ultimate solution for your material handling needs with our top-grade heavy duty hand trucks. Ideal for various applications, our selection includes the best hand trucks, featuring durable hand truck wheels and sturdy aluminum hand truck designs. Whether you need a pallet hand truck for heavy loads, a portable hand truck for on-the-go tasks, a convertible hand truck for versatility, or an appliance hand truck for specific needs, we have you covered. Our products ensure efficiency and reliability in any setting.

Hand Trucks

Key Features When Buying Hand Trucks

Load Capacity: It’s essential to choose a truck that can handle the weight of your goods.
Construction Material: Heavy duty hand trucks are typically made from either steel or aluminum.
Wheel Type: Depending on the terrain, you might require pneumatic, solid rubber, or polyurethane wheels.
Handle Design: The handle design can significantly impact the user's comfort and control over the load.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hand Trucks

What are the different types of hand trucks?

There are several types of hand trucks including upright, convertible, and three-position hand trucks, each with their unique features and uses.

Why is it called a hand truck?

The term "hand truck" is derived from its manual operation where the user guides it using their hands and its truck-like ability to carry heavy loads.

How do you use a heavy duty hand truck?

To use a heavy-duty hand truck, first, tilt the loaded truck backward until the weight is balanced over the wheels. Then push forward and guide the truck to its destination.

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