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Collection: Raymond Products

Based in Minneapolis, Raymond Products specializes in durable material and moving equipment for over 50 years, serving industries from HVAC to hotel supplies, including gas ranges and refrigerators. Renowned for quality and efficiency, their product range, featuring popular items like Raymond dollies and panel movers, is essential in various sectors. They guarantee near 100% stock availability and swift shipping, often within 24 hours, and provide same-day dispatch for early orders. 

Raymond Products

Key Features When Buying Raymond Products

Durability and Build Quality: Opt for equipment with robust construction capable of handling the weight and stress of moving heavy items.
Maneuverability: Select dollies and carts with smooth, easy-to-roll wheels for effortless movement through narrow spaces.
Size and Capacity: Ensure the equipment is appropriately sized for your items and has a sufficient weight capacity for your needs.
Safety Features: Look for dollies with secure straps or grips to stabilize items during movement.
Versatility: Choose equipment versatile enough to handle various item types, like adaptable panel carts for different sized panels.

Frequently Asked Questions about Raymond Products

What is a moving dolly used for?

A moving dolly is a platform on wheels designed to transport heavy and bulky items easily. It's ideal for moving furniture, large boxes, and other heavy objects, reducing the strain on the mover.

What are table dollies used for?

Table dollies are specialized dollies designed for moving and storing folding tables. They make setting up and breaking down events with multiple tables much more efficient.

What equipment is used to move heavy equipment?

Equipment like heavy-duty dollies, panel carts, and specialized moving trolleys are used to move heavy equipment. These tools are designed to handle significant weight and provide stability during transport.

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