About Us


Welcome to Warehouse Supplies Delivered — we're ready to have you here! The store's a hidden gem for large retailers, wholesalers, distributors, freight and logistics companies, as well as fulfillment centers. We understand the importance of utilizing modern-tech machinery for your material handling efforts, that's why we're extremely dedicated into being your one-stop-shop for all warehouse equipment and supplies!

Our Story

Warehouse Supplies Delivered started as a single partnership to Adam Equipment. With their handy scales, we opened to offer you the quickest and precise scaling for your materials or goods. Later on, our small company decided to go full scale in collaboration with Bishamon, Raymond Products and Valleycraft. Now, showcasing a neutral range of heavy warehouse utilities.. gradually improving to assist your efficient warehousing activity with our dedicated foundation.

We, the WSD team, are on a mission to revolutionize warehousing operations across the United States! — our hand-picked catalog features superior engineering of warehouse equipment and inventory supplies. That's why we've only partnered with the most trusted names in the industry.

What We Offer

We highlight the curated selection of brands mentioned in our story. Including their first-rate warehouse equipment for your interests. Each chosen for their quality and reliability.

Take advantage of our Pre-Order Policy and secure our promoted products ahead of time. Experience peace of mind with our efficient order handling and tracking systems. Rest assured, our Refund Policy ensures a hassle-free process, underscoring our commitment to prompt service. Should you need assistance, our dedicated customer support team is just a call or click away. We're here to make sure your partnership with us is both reliable and remarkable, enabling you to keep your warehousing operations organized with ease!

We strictly adhere to a pricing policy aligned with the manufacturer's suggested retail pricing (MSRP) and continuously monitor market fluctuations to provide you with fair, justifiable pricing. This commitment to transparency and value is what sets us apart.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the products we offer. We've established an efficient distribution network that covers the entire United States, guaranteeing you access to cutting-edge warehousing technology without compromise. Our refund policy is a testament to our dedication to your satisfaction. It provides you with peace of mind, knowing that every purchase is backed by our commitment to quality and reliability.

Empowering Our Customers

We understand the importance of having a trustworthy warehouse equipment supplier, and that's why we strive to be your first choice for a great deal. When you invest in our products, you're not just buying hardware – you're embracing a new, improved, state-of-the-art warehousing experience. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and resources you need to enhance your warehousing operations and drive success.

Our Commitment to You

Your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We understand how crucial it is to provide high-end warehouse equipment to modernize storage procedures. Our commitment goes beyond supplying reliable quality gear; it encompasses ensuring your experience with us is efficient and comfortable, from the moment you visit our store to your complete satisfaction with your purchase. We're not just retailers; we're individuals who understand the significance of keeping your warehouse's storage and distribution modernized. Your trust is what fuels our dedication, and it's our utmost pleasure to be your trusted partner in warehousing.