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Collection: Valley Craft

Valley Craft, established in 1953, is a leading manufacturer specializing in professional-grade material handling and storage solutions. Renowned for its durable and versatile hand trucks, carts, trailers, portable lifts, hydraulic drum handling devices, and storage equipment, Valley Craft prides itself on its American-made products. These solutions are ideal for enhancing safety, security, and efficiency in material handling and storage, catering to a wide range of industries including hotel, HVAC, janitorial, restaurant, and park supplies.

Valley Craft

Key Features When Buying Valley Craft

Durability and Load Capacity: Ensure the truck can handle the weight and size of your goods.
Maneuverability: Look for trucks with smooth steering and easy handling, especially in tight spaces.
Material Construction: Choose between metal or plastic pallets based on your specific needs.
Type of Wheels: Consider the floor surface and choose wheel materials accordingly.
Ergonomic Design: Ensure the truck design reduces strain and increases user comfort.
Safety Features: Look for trucks with safety brakes or stabilizers for secure operations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Valley Craft

What are hand trucks used for?

Hand trucks are primarily used for moving heavy or bulky items more easily. They take the strain off the user, reducing the risk of injury and increasing efficiency.

What is an example of a hand truck?

An example of a hand truck could be a heavy-duty appliance hand truck, designed specifically to move large household appliances like refrigerators or washing machines.

How to choose the right forklift attachments for my drum hand trucks?

To choose the right forklift attachments for your drum hand trucks, consider the size, weight, and type of drums you typically handle, as well as the compatibility with your hand truck models.

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